Investor Services

Let us be your passport to real estate investment.

Our Steps To Real Estate Success:

1: Schedule A Call

Reach out to us so we can learn about your values, experience, and goals. We’ll help guide you at every step of the process to ensure we provide a level of service befitting our nation’s Foreign Service, military and their families.

2: Develop A Strategy

We will analyze the information gained through our initial strategy calls to develop a game plan for your hard-earned capital, which will be focused on our core competency and one of the best-performing fields in investment: multifamily real estate.

3: Invest Together

Multifamily real estate investment allows for our resources to be greater than the sum of their parts. By working together with our trusted network of realtors and property managers, we add great value and longevity to the properties in our portfolio, and pass the rewards to you.

4: Reach New Heights

As one of the fastest-growing, most reliable, and most lucrative fields in real estate, multifamily by its nature builds on its own success. You will become not just a client, but a part of the Passport REI network of investors that bring that same drive and focus to these new frontiers.

Get your own multifamily syndication off the ground.


Mentorship services

Once you start seeing for yourself the rewards and potential of multifamily investing, you might find yourself asking: 

“How can I take this to the next level?”

We value the opportunity to watch others go through the same transition of beginner to expert in this space – and help them avoid the mistakes that we made along the way. Enroll in a mentorship program with us, and let’s work together to achieve even greater heights in real estate passive investment.

Don’t wait another day to start creating your ideal future and legacy.