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Our team manages $30 million in assets across the United States, and we’re looking for team members like you to continue to grow.

A portfolio that spans the nation.

A unique mindset challenge exists in real estate investing from abroad – how does one invest in properties that they are unable to see in person? The flip side of this paradigm, however, is that freeing yourself from the need to be physically close to your assets opens the door to every opportunity near and far.

Our focus is on finding the best U.S. multifamily real estate opportunities from sea to shining sea, untethered by region, and the diversification and returns that come from our nationwide portfolio speak for themselves.

Edinboro (Erie, PA)

This portfolio was purchased for $11.8M as a 506B with a CapEx budget of almost $900K. This portfolio is 149 units across three locations, including Highland Townhomes (85 units,) Twin Towers & College Townhomes (54 units,) and Erie & Ontario (10 units). The properties are located in the Erie, Pennsylvania metro area. The structure of this offering is 7% preferred return as a 75/25 split.

Vine East (Cleveland, OH)

Vine East is a 63 Unit apartment complex located in Cleveland OH. Vine East was purchased for 5.7M as a 506B investment with a $200K CapEx. The structure of this offering is a 8% preferred return as a 80/20 split.

Villa Del Norte (Killeen, TX)

Villa Del Norte is a 16 Unit apartment complex located in Killeen Texas. Our team purchased this as a Joint Venture in 2020 for $798K with a CapEx budget of $40K to upgrade the electrical, replace the parking lot and implement a Green conservation with new lights and water conservation.

Lakemore & Moreland Place (Cleveland, OH)

Lakemore & Moreland Place are two value-add multifamily apartment buildings, 66 units in total, located in Shaker Heights, a great neighborhood of Cleveland, OH. We expect to benefit from a proven value-add strategy on most of the 66 units and a strong loss-to-lease recapture, by bringing in professional management, and investing heavily in interior & exterior renovations.

Cains Home Park (Hahira, GA)

This beautifully-maintained property is in Hahira, GA, just 2 miles from Interstate 75, and features 83 total sites among both parks. Historical occupancy is solid, with an average of 95% occupancy year-round. Cain’s RV and MHP is a gem of a property with 47 RV lots and 36 Mobile Home lots site.

Our Team

Tom Groves, U.S. NAvy

Tom Groves, U.S. NAvy


Tom Groves is an Upstate New York-native real estate investor in multifamily, up and down the East Coast as well as in the Midwest. He is a 26-year veteran of the U.S. Navy as well as the U.S. Diplomatic Corps. His work in the highest levels on the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State and coordination and planning with international governments have forged Tom into an outgoing relationship builder.

James May, U.S.M.C.

James May, U.S.M.C.


James worked in U.S. government for over 26 years serving in both the US Marine Corps and the US Department of State’s Foreign Service. James brings his experience with project management, staff development, expenses management, logistics, budgeting, and capital improvements to the team. He earned a Master of Science in IT Management from the National Defense University. James started investing in income-producing Real Estate in 2005 and invested across 10 different states. He and his family reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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